Pre-Winter Training

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Pre-Winter Training

Post  Ghost-Dawg on Thu Oct 02 2008, 08:31

Hey guys Mike here with a small annoucement...

Ive been noticeing that alot of people have been lacking in the physical fitness area when it comes to playing our sport. What I am asking for you guyz to all do is that before we start our private practises this year I would like everyone to do 10 pushups a night and 20 situps... This will get you ready for the training I have in store for al of you this winter. We braught our best game and noticed that the other teams did aswell. So what I am askign isnt much, will be a little tough at first but once you have that 10 packed down we will be able to get moving when we start training...

I will notice if you havnt been doing them Evil or Very Mad and there will be conciquences Twisted Evil

Once you reached your 10 pushup goal, go for 15... it will be alot easier for you when we start the training..

Thanks alot guys Smile

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